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How will you ever get ready for an international football match on a work night? 

Well, thankfully Carlsberg have you covered. 

The experiential activity was created to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the famous national World Cup triumph; and help get England fans behind the national team once more, ahead of their first EURO group game. 

In collaboration with Obie Planton (the most famous street artist in Romania) we’ve created a 35m² mural

in the heart of Bucharest, which purifies the air in the same way 35m² of forest would do.

The innovative mural was created using a first-of-its-kind mineral paint, which neutralises

pollutants and other harmful chemicals from the air.

As part of the IQOS 'Together. Forward.' campaign, the mural was created during the

Romanian Design Week, based on common values: innovation that unlocks new perspectives,

progress and a focus on the community. 

The mural created for the Romanian Design Week is inspired by the close relationship between

the community and the city, between people and modern technologies. The mural deconstructs

a world divided into 'We' and 'Others' and depicts a better future, together. 



Within the project, a second mural was created using the same innovative paint

and placed in front of the RDW Design House.


During the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) in Cluj, we've created a new mural using the innovative Airlite paints. The mural is inspired by MIRA - the test signal broadcasted by TV channels at the beginning and the end of the day -

and is a tribute to technological progress in the world of film. Through this initiative, IQOS and TIFF invited

the community to a dialogue on progress and innovation.


Other IQOS 'Art for Air' murals have been created around the world, in cities like Milan, Madrid, Padua, Sofia or Varna

to name a few.

01.-Anamorphic-Mural-by-Truly-Design-Crew-x-IQOS-Courtesy-of-Tortona-Rocks-2022 (2).jpg
03.-Anamorphic-Mural-by-Truly-Design-Crew-x-IQOS-Courtesy-of-Tortona-Rocks-2022 (1).jpeg
04.-Anamorphic-Mural-by-Truly-Design-Crew-x-IQOS-Courtesy-of-Tortona-Rocks-2022 (2).jpeg
Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 12.46.08.png
Art for Air Padova (1)-2.jpeg

This product is not risk free. It releases nicotine, which is addictive. IQOS is an alternative for adults who otherwise

would continue to smoke or use nicotine products. 

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